JKR’s Consultancy is a young and dynamic company in its growing stages. JKR’s has four members that each have a 25% shareholding and are lifelong friends. Whilst our interest initially started with the selling of mines (the first one being a coal mine), we saw great opportunities in the transporting of commodities and as our knowledge and network grew we have expanded to plant hire ranging from excavators to side tippers, but our core business is project management. Our company encompasses an ethical approach allowing smaller enterprises to grow within this fast paced industry. JKR’s has taken on an exceptional approach towards successful networking and we pride ourselves on honesty and enabling others with opportunities thus leading JKR’s to continually flourish.

Through our approach and successful networking our capacity has grown and we can offer various products and services to the mining industry. Currently we are on Total Coal’s vendor list and are often invited for private tenders, this is a big success for JKR’s as we have only been established since January 2011 and have come a long way already, our future looks very exciting and prosperous. Imagine what we will achieve in the years to come!

What the company does

JKR’s specialise in tender and contract management, providing transport for various commodities, running rail sidings, mining projects, strategic stockpiling, general project management for all tasks and the list goes on. Our projects are linked to our community development and employment initiatives; we aim to change the lives of entire communities where our projects are running with innovative, creative and a lateral approach in our conceptualisation.

We do Plant Hire and utilise the services of small to medium companies enabling their growth and helping to prevent a monopoly in the industry and at the same time provide a complete honest approach reducing the ill practice in the industry. We create time utility by ensuring the fast, consistent and reliable plant hire.

JKR’s provides mines and commodities for sale to serious investors and have traders and investors around the world always looking for profitable ventures. We can supply a complete consulting service if need be.

JKR’s is able to provide bearings, conveyors, scrubbers, pumps, separators, fabrications food etc. through partner companies. This capacity allows us to venture into bigger market niches providing a complete package for all industry demands.

JKR’s is very adaptable, and no challenge is too big, so if you have something in mind come talk to us and we will make it a reality!


Vision statement

JKR’s aims to provide an honest environment in which entities can operate, creating a building platform for smaller companies to grow within the mining industry and creating great opportunities for community development. JKR’s presents a breath of fresh air by engaging in activities that allows all parties the freedom to do business without having to worry about unconstructive business practices.

Mission statement

JKR’s uses an efficient course of action to meet the markets needs by streamlining the process with good honest management whilst continually integrating local communities into our system. JKR’s delivers valued service to its clients in a respectable time frame with integrity and honesty.


JKR’s strives on honesty and integrity which creates the core of our business. Our organisational culture is a set of values and beliefs that drives JKR’s through a fundamental commitment to serving clients’ needs and developing communities as a path to sustained profitability. JKR’s continued existence and growth depends on performance in relation to our peers.

Business goals & objectives

JKR’s aim to establish a successful networking system that revolves around a reliable database of contract providers and contractors with the objective of ascertaining itself as a trustworthy and well established brand in the industry.

We aim to create a business culture in the communities where we run our projects with effective management, training and education therefore providing a great platform and endless opportunities which was nonexistent before!

Business strategy

Environmental scanning is vital for the formulation of JKR’s business strategy in order to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

  1. Vertical integration

JKR’s is the core organisation, outsourcing production to specialist suppliers and contractors, where different types of partnerships (contracts) develop collaborative relationships. Our company values every relationship and gives personal attention to each client ensuring that they receive exceptional service quality.

  1. Horizontal Integration

JKR’s is poised for superior service quality and aims to become a one stop solution for all industry needs, by integrating small companies that are on the same level of value, enabling market growth.

  1. Organic growth for diversity

JKR’s brings new resources together in an innovative combination to create value, by entering markets with a fresh attitude, honesty and integrity. We help small companies by utilising their services, enabling their growth and helping to prevent a monopoly in the industry, and implementing sustainable growth in relevant communities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

JKR’s has linked with the World Burn Foundation South Africa as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility. World Burn Foundation provides counselling to burn survivors and put camps together to help rehabilitate the burn survivors into society. They also provide training programs such as Fire Training, Learn Not to Burn, Community Fire Fighters, Bucket Teams and other educational programs. This helps the community to prevent incidents from occurring and knowing what to do if something does happen.

JKR’s involve WBF in the communities where we have contracts in place which provides funds for WBF.

Through various initiatives JKR’s aims to educate and provide employment in communities where we have operational projects running, which will result in community upliftment and development.

Business competitiveness

JKR’s provides an honest approach which is lacking within the industry. JKR’s offer small entities the opportunity to grow and successfully establish themselves within a fast paced environment. We create mutually beneficial networks that constitute all parties involved, streamlining processes and bringing people together. We go the extra mile in community involvement, employment, upliftment and development

Service pledge

Being a “family” business, JKR’s takes pride in its company brand, using a unique service quality that clients look forward to experiencing. JKR’s uses innovation and processes of a premier standard and provide guaranteed commitment to all business endeavours. We create lasting mutually beneficial relationships with clients by going the extra mile and priding ourselves on honesty and integrity. JKR’s is a responsible, caring company signifying every relationship we share.

Value chain

JKR’s concept of the value chain is identifying ways of creating client value, by providing a service and to compare the business’s performance with the performance of competitors. We aim to create a chain that can go from the top in the mining industry right down to the lowest grade worker from the local rural communities. The value chain is illustrated through all processes and culminates in continual achievement in all areas, ranging from communities to top management.