JKR’s markets various equipment in the mining industry to our
network of clients. Suppliers from around the world utilise us to supply their
product and our suppliers have the capacity to undertake any size project.
JKR’s is able to provide bearings, conveyors, scrubbers, pumps, separators etc
allowing us to venture into bigger market niches providing a complete package
for all industry demands.

Bearings & Conveyors

JKR’s through our service providers offer a product range
that comprises of:



Power drives

Power Transmission

Conveyor Belting


This product range comes in at a very competitive rate,
and further more our suppliers surpass the BBBEE requirements in the industry.

Scrubbers, Pumps & Separators

Almost any equipment that you need we can supply, we have a
range of suppliers that can provide:

Metal to
plastic forms of equipment

Small to
large scale equipment

Durable and
efficient equipment

products can be used as a sample for a trial period.

We have some of the latest product ranges available.


Please contact us with your requirements and we will gladly
provide you with a quote!