JKR’s manages tenders and contracts in the mining industry.
We aim to only use small to medium businesses when fulfilling a contract, as to
avoid monopolisation and to ensure more money goes back into the communities
the operations were taking place in. This is important because most other
operations leave a community struggling when the operations are completed as
the income that was supporting the community has finished.

We try to always
ensure that we use local labour and companies as to increase the buying power
and hence the flow of money in a community to strengthen the area as a whole
and to provide as many people as we can with skills to aid them in starting
something of their own.

We have various examples of unique additions we incorporate
to reiterate our constant concern for the people responsible for executing the
job such as giving housing/ performance/ incentive opportunities to the most
important people involved- the people responsible for the successful execution
of the job.

Our main goal is to always ensure the job is done correctly
with the fastest turnaround time possible.