Welcome to JKR’s Consultancy where we carry your load!


Are you looking for enthusiasm, are you in need of straight
forward business, are you interested in growing smaller companies, do have
honesty as a core value in your business?


If you do then you need JKR’s as we are a young vibrant
company full of enthusiasm and put 100% effort in all we do. We take an extra
step in being transparent from quotation to source business and suppliers. Our
empowerment initiatives are one that should be followed by all.


JKR’s is your portal for future business and development. As
a SME you can grow with us utilising us as a platform to receive honest work
and fall into our network where the aim is empower and build a better future
for those who deserve it. As a Client providing business you can feel assured
that you are helping the country grow and be linked to initiatives that are


Our aim is to cut out the talkers and work with the